About Krobo Machinery

Krobo Machinery first began supplying moulds and maintaining and overhauling existing concrete machinery twenty years ago. Vibration problems often came to light after delivery and commissioning of the concrete moulds and this led to the decision to develop an entirely new vibration system.

Krobo Machinery started to investigate vibration technology because many concrete producers had vibration and compaction issues with instant- demoulding machinery. Following a great deal of experimentation we developed a vibration system that enabled us to achieve huge improvements in the quality of concrete products. Many of our customers who formerly could only produce using wet pouring can now use instant demoulding.

This vibrating system has another advantage. Even when intensive vibration takes place the noise level stays below 90 dB (depending on the mould). With many traditional vibrating beams the noise level is a lot higher.

Several leading companies that work with different brands of instant-demoulding machines have had the heart of their machines rebuilt and fitted with a Krobo vibration system.